Rod Hilton

Software Craftsman and Computer Science Geek


Passionate, hardworking polyglot programmer with strong CS background and over a decade of experience following good engineering principles (TDD, CI, SOLID, DRY, YAGNI) developing scalable back-end services, web applications, and client applications

Senior Software Engineer (2017-Present)


Enterprise data streaming team member, allowing businesses and brands to apply complex filters to Twitter's data firehose in real time.

Principal Engineer, Development (2011-2017)

Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable)

Cross-Platform team member, working on multi-dependency Common Services Tier as well as various customer-facing web-based applications utilizing Java, Groovy, Grails, Scala, JavaScript, and JQuery.

Java Web Applications Developer (2008-2011)

Rally Software (acquired by CA Technologies)

Developer on agile lifecycle management tool for companies adopting agile processes, built as a multi-tenancy J2EE web application utilizing Spring, Servlets, JSPs, and AJAX.

Software Engineer (2007-2008)

OpenLogic, Inc (acquired by Rogue Wave Software)

Key developer on company's main product, a multi-tenancy SaaS web application meant to solve the problems of enterprises adopting open source. Worked on additional projects as well, including open source scanning desktop application and web services for open source census web site.

Senior Software Developer (2004-2007)

Acxiom Corporation (previously InsightAmerica)

Worked on numerous big data applications, collecting and linking data from differing sources (mostly public records) in order to provide customers such as background screeners and debt collectors with insightful slices of information about people.


"Perpetual student" taking supplementary MOOC classes online, attending professional conferences annually, and reading constantly

B.S., Computer Science

University of Rochester

Focus on Systems


  • Accomplished: Java, Git, Scala
  • Advanced: HTML/CSS, Ruby, Spring, JavaScript, Groovy, REST, Grails, MySQL, Oracle
  • Novice: Hadoop, PostgreSQL, Kafka, Angular, Thrift, SOAP, SBT, Jenkins, Lift, memcached, hazelcast
  • Desired: AWS, Docker, Mesos, Kubernetes, ElasticSearch, Spark, Cassandra